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Research workshop on entrepreneurship and regional development


The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg organized the research workshop “Evolutionary approaches informing research on entrepreneurship and regional development”, between 9 and 11 December 2015.

The purpose of workshop was to bring together a selected group of researchers, to discuss and debate current research about how evolutionary approaches inform research on entrepreneurship and regional development. The workshop was sponsored by:

  • Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research & Culture Research programme headed by Maureen McKelvey: ‘Radical Innovation for the Enhancement of the Swedish Economy’
  • Stiftelsen för ekonomisk forskning i Västsverige
  • CRA Centre for Regional Analysis School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

The workshop was organized by Maureen McKelvey, Professor at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Martin Henning, Associate Professor at the section of Management. They started off the workshop with an opening presentation on Evolutionary approaches informing research on entrepreneurship and regional development.


One of the attendants of the workshop was Karin Berg, PhD student at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Gothenburg.

- “As PhD student, participating in the workshop was a privilege in two ways. First, the very forefront of research in this area was presented and second, it was truly inspiring to take part in discussions and observe how the renowned researchers articulated their theoretical argumentation. It was a perfect opportunity to strengthen one’s own motivation to engage in research that impact society and holds high quality.”


Presenters during the workshop:

Sidney G. Winter, Deloitte and Touche Professor Emeritus of Management, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Presentation: The March of the Replicators

Franco Malerba, Professor in Industrial Economics, Department of Management and Technology, University of Bocconi
Presentation: What is knowledge intensive entrepreneurship and why does it matter?
(Co-author Maureen McKelvey)

Keld Laursen, Professor, Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics, Copenhagen Business School
Presentation: Knowledge diversity, transfer and coordination: The effect of intrafirm inventor networks on the speed of external knowledge recombination

Nathalie Lazaric, Research Professor, CNRS - University of Nice
Presentation: Limits to entrepreneurship in the energy field: Restricted windows of opportunities for smart meters in France

Ron Boschma, Professor, Lund university and Utrecht university
Presentation: Regional diversification: an evolving research agenda

Frank Neffke, Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Presentation: The workforce of pioneer plants
(Co-author Ricardo Hausmann)

Carla Costa do Rosario, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University
Presentation: The Impact of Clusters on Firm Performance in the Growth and Sustainment Stages of the Cluster’s Lifecycle

Rune Dahl Fitjar, Professor, Stavanger University and Bram Timmermans, Associate Professor, Aalborg University
Presentation: Liability of relatedness: Dominant industry structure and the impact on related industries

Bart Verspagen, Professor in International Economics, Economics Department, Maastricht University
Presentation: Regional pathways of knowledge
(Co-author Önder Nomaler)

Susanne Nilsson, PhD, Department of Machine Design, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Presentation: Corporate entrepreneurship, routines and managerial controls - observations from two global high-tech firms
(Co-author Mats Magnusson)

Mikhail Martynovich, PhD, Lund University and Martin Henning, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg
Presentation: Building a labour force in dynamic industries. Labour sourcing and labour experience along the expansion of IT-services.

Photos from the lunch in the main building of the University of Gothenburg

Lunch at the University main building

Lunch at the University main building