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Postdoc position

Centre for European Research at Göteborgs University (CERGU) hereby advertises a postdoc position (junior researcher) with 80-percent funding within the research topic

Research at CERGU has great breadth. It ranges from Social Affairs and European Integration, to European Law and cultural identity. Researchers at CERGU focus on refugee issues and regionalism, the EU's institutions and relations with the outside world, and matters of trade, citizenship and sustainable development. A recurring theme for CERGU's research has been Europe's borders, which has occupied the majority of CERGU's graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.

CERGU is a network-based research centre, which means that all researchers and other personnel related to CERGU are physically located in their subject departments.
The position advertised is for post-doctoral researchers. In assessing candidates, particular attention will be given to scientific proficiency. As a basis for evaluating the qualifications of each applicant, both a project description of the research that is intended to be executed within the position and previous research related to the project, will be considered. It is important that the planned research project is such that it can be completed within two years. The project description must be entered in the form in which the project is expected to be reported.

DUTIES: The appointee is to independently conduct their own research and be part of the planning and execution of, primarily, the project activity at CERGU. It is also expected that the appointee actively participates in the seminar activities at CERGU and that he / she regularly presents their research. After recruitment it may be possible to reach agreement with the topic institution for full funding of the post. Start date is by agreement with the appointee.

QUALIFICATIONS: Completed doctorate in humanities or social science disciplines (including economics and law). Doctoral degree must have been completed within the three years preceding the application deadline and applicants must not have previously been employed as a research assistant/post-doctoral researcher.
FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information about CERGU, see For more information about the position contact Director Mats Andrén, 031-786 4476 mats.andren @ or steering committee chairman Claes Alvstam, 031-786 1385 claes.alvstam @

UNION REPRESENTATIVES: SACO Pascale Evheden, telephone 031-786 1078, OFR / S Astrid Igerud, telephone 031-786 1169, SEKO Lennart Olsson, tel 031-786 1173.

APPLICATION: The application including reference number, the project description, curriculum vitae, thesis and the names and contact information of three referees should be sent to:
Göteborg University, Faculty of Social Science, Box 720, SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden.
Closing date 30 November 2010.