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Nordic doctoral course: Theories and models for midwifery

The first Nordic doctoral course focusing on theories and models in midwifery was held 29th April to 1th May at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

The concept of midwifery is related to both the knowledge base for midwives as well as a perspective for other professionals. The background for the doctoral course is a Nordic cooperation NorNAM (Nordic Network of Academic Midwives) with participants from Oslo, Reykjavik, Gothenburg, Odense and Kuopio. From the University of Gothenburg, professors Ingela Lundgren and Marie Berg participated as lecturers and examiners and the doctoral student Malin Hansson was one of 24 participants from the Nordic countries. There were also participants from Germany, Austria and Turkey.

The course content was lectures, workshops and discussions based on the doctoral students own projects and existing theories and models within midwifery. Keynote speakers were Edwin van Tejlingen professor in sociology from UK focusing “Risk society and contrasting models of maternity care”, and professor and midwife Nicky Leap from Australia focusing “Supporting women for normal labour and birth: evidence and debate”.