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Nine new researchers to the Department of Economics


During the first weeks of the autumn the Department of Economics welcome nine new colleagues: two professors, one assistant professor and six post-doc researchers. This is the result of the largest recruitment in the department's history and will strengthen research and education in econometrics, labour economics and health economics.

– This recruitment initiative will make the research environment in our Department better and more diverse. It will also enable us to improve our courses, says Måns Söderbom who has recently taken up the position as Head (prefekt) of the Department of Economics.

The new staff members are:

Mikael Lindahl, Professor
From: Uppsala University
Field: Labour economics, economics of education

Aico van Vuuren, Professor
From: VU University, Amsterdam
Field: Econometrics, labour economics

Andreas Dzemski, Assistant Professor
From: University of Mannheim
Field: Econometrics

Nadine Ketel, Post-doc
From: VU University, Amsterdam
Field: Labour economics

Paul Muller, Post-doc
From: VU University, Amsterdam
Field: Labour economics

Anna Bindler, Post-doc
From: University College London
Field: Economics of crime

Hilda Ralsmark, Post-doc
From: Lund University
Field: Health economics

Paolo Nicola Barbieri, Post-doc
From: University of Bologna
Field: Health economics

Ylenia Brilli, Post-doc
From: European University Institute, Florence
Field: Health economics