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New Skagerak will be completed in Gothenburg


New vessel Skagerak

Today the University of Gothenburg takes over the ownership of the new vessel Skagerak. This means that the ship will now be towed to Gothenburg for completion.

Dean Göran Hilmersson– It feels very satisfying that we have agreed on delivery and a technical solution with the shipyard to get the ship we ordered, says Dean Göran Hilmersson, also chairman of the steering group.

The construction of Skagerak has been severely delayed. The vice-chancellor therefore initiated an external inquiry this autumn that would make recommendations for how the situation would be resolved. The agreement is in line with the advice provided by the external investigators from Stena Roro to the university in December. The investigators recommended in their report to have the shipyard complete the construction, while at the same time they felt that the project management would develop a plan to take over the ship in its existing condition.
– We have had a close dialogue with the shipyard in recent months and have now explored all possibilities for the shipyard to complete the ship. The process has led to the decision to take over in existing condition, says Göran Hilmersson.

Owned by the University

The vessel has now been taken over by the university. According to the agreement, the shipyard will pay EUR 600,000 to the university, divided into installments. The sum is the result of a negotiation of payment for works carried out by the shipyard in accordance with the fifth supplementary agreement and project costs which the shipyard undertook to pay due to the delay.

The vessel is in very good condition and has a high standard of work performed. What remains is to complete the propulsion system and conduct sea trails, a work that is expected to take 12-14 months.

The shipyard has signed an agreement with a Polish subcontractor who will complete the work of the propulsion system of the vessel in Gothenburg. To be able to control the implementation of the work, the University of Gothenburg has demanded to take over the agreement with subcontractor from the shipyard.
– Our overall assessment is that the takeover is the best possible way for the vessel to be completed in the right way and in the shortest possible time, says Göran Hilmersson.

The cost of finalizing the ship is estimated to be approximately SEK 40 million.