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New developments on "wicked solutions" concept in Europe


Mistra Urban Futures and Business Region Gothenburg organized a seminar in the Urban Research series, with a panel of three invited international guests. The seminar was the second track in a dual research endeavor dedicated to the increased need to think about sustainability differently, the first being a special issue in the Bulletin of Geography (co-edited by Mirek Dymitrow and Keith Halfacree).

Both the special issue and the seminar arose as a response to real-life problems and challenges encountered by the EU project Urban Rural Gothenburg, with which Mistra Urban Futures is associated through a research forum. In view of the specific socio-economic characteristics of the place of the project’s deployment – the North-East parts of Gothenburg – with high levels of segregation, unemployment, failing health, low education scores and high crime rates, has led the Research Forum to open up to scientific debate on how to best strive for sustainability in such settings.

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