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New blog makes Gendering studies and feminism more visible


Of course, you did not miss that Gendering studies has a blog run by the international students Deniz Altuntas and Bart Bloem Herraiz. And you especially did not miss their new logo, it has so many interesting features and embodies the complete idea with their blog, theory, creativity and gendering studies.

It’s amazing that you have a blog!

– Yes, and we feel happy about it! It’s about making Gendering studies and feminism more visible. Send an email through the blog and join us, we need more writers to be even more visible.

What kind of cool stuff do you post there?
– We post three topics our site. One is called in class, the second one is called it’s happening, and the third one is called alumni. In Class is about what we do in the classroom. It’s happening is about events in Gothenburg that are related to gender studies and feminism, and alumni has its focus on interviews with alumni.

What inspired you to do this?
– We thought it could be real fun for our education. I love blogs, websites, communication and social media so I loved the idea that we should start it up again. It is important to mix the theoretical part with a creative side and think about arts, theater, music and films in regard to gender theories, to see it from that perspective, says Deniz.

Did the initiative come from the both of you? Who´s idea was it?
– The blog was created a few years ago, by our teacher, Erika Alm. It was also their idea that we start it up again. The initiative now is a mix between our ideas and her ideas. We chose the design and the topics and made it a little bit more fun.

Why is your education so important?
– I think all the people who are studying gender studies right now are enthusiastic about it. It’s about wanting to change the world, states Bart! This blog could be a big step for Gender studies. Social media is so important in many parts of the world.

We wish you all the best Deniz and Bart!

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