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Mitesh Kataria new Associate Professor in Economics


The School of Business, Economics and Law has accepted Mitesh Kataria as Associate Professor (Docent) in Economics. His has broad research interests: environmental, behavioural and experimental economics. In particular he is interested in individual decision-making and welfare.

Mitesh Kataria
After Mitesh Kataria finished his PhD on fishery economics and environmental valuation in 2007 he worked for the Swedish environmental protection agency. He went back to an academic career and a few years later he spend some time at the Max Planck Institute of Economics, which he found was very stimulating and encouraging environment. In Germany he also became interested in psychology and sociology.

At the moment Mitesh Kataria is working on aspects of survey quality. Learning from psychology he tries to improve the quality of the data that is collected using surveys. Another research project deals with negative economic consequences of sexual objectification and the self-objectification of women.

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