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Maureen McKelvey highlights the importance of knowledge-intensive ecosystems in Swedish public policy


Maureen McKelveyMaureen McKelvey, Professor at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is one of the speakers at the Swedish Economic Forum 2018. The theme of the day is "Navigate under uncertainty".

The ability to adapt to a changing world is crucial to continued prosperity. In a dynamic market, experiments are ongoing as entrepreneurs introduce new innovative products and services that are "tested" on the market. In the same way, politics can engage in policy development through experiments. Properly designed, experiments can also be a way of overcoming political locks and ideological dividing lines.

During the Swedish Economic Forum conference Maureen McKelvey will make a presentation and define knowledge-intensive ecosystems, discuss them in the context of Sweden, and draw out implications for innovation and entrepreneurship policy.

Summery of Maureen McKelvey's presentation

Knowledge-intensive ecosystems should become the main focus of Swedish public policy, and specifically how to create, maintain and diffuse knowledge-intensive ecosystems across the economy and society. These knowledge-intensive ecosystems (KI ecosystems) are needed to create competitiveness and growth. Sweden needs to stimulate them, by working together between industry, universities and companies, and this is needed, especially in a global world, which is being transformed by global trends, uncertainty about the future, and rapidly changing technology. The underlying reason for promoting this policy focus is in order to stimulate societally relevant and important innovations and entrepreneurship.
On Thursday, November 22, the 2018 Swedish Economic Forum Report, "Navigating under uncertainty - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Experimental Policy", is released. It investigates how experimental policy can show the way forward.

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