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Liz Wells and Christian Zacharias appointed honorary doctors

The Faculty of fine, applied and performing arts has appointed Liz Wells as Honorary Doctor of Photography and Christian Zacharias to Honorary Doctor of musical performance and interpretation. They receive the award for their valuable contribution to the faculty.

Liz Wells is a professor of Photographic Culture, at the University of Plymouth and internationally a central player in photography. Christian Zacharias, at St Paul's Chamber Orchestra in Minnesota, is one of the world's leading pianists and conductors.

– They are both internationally prominent authorities in their respective fields. Liz Wells’ deep knowledge in the history of photography and in landscape and environmental photography continue to inspire us at the Faculty of fine, applied and performing arts, not only within photography but also in other areas. Our long cooperation with Christian Zacharias has been invaluable, for our faculty as well as for the Gothenburg Symphony. These two honorary doctors honor us at least as much as we want to honor them! says Ingrid Elam, Dean of the Faculty of fine, applied and performing arts.

A person who have made a significant contribution in some way to the University can be appointed honorary doctor, and the faculty has the opportunity to appoint one or maximum two every year.

Liz Wells and Christian Zacharias will both be invited to the Gothenburg University's conferment ceremony, which takes place in October. Tyrone Martinsson, Valand Academy and Anders Köllerström, Academy of Music and Drama will be hosts and Johannes Landgren, Faculty Dean, has been appointed a promoter.

More about honorary doctors at the university's web