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Jenny Tunedal has been nominated for the Augustpriset

Jenny Tunedal, senior lecturer at the Academy Valand, has been nominated for the Augustpriset award for her book Rosor skadar. "A complex poetic form that carries the strongest of feelings," the jury writes in its statement.

Augustpriset is perhaps Sweden's most prestigious literature prize. It is awarded each fall in three categories; best Swedish fiction book of the year, best Swedish non-fiction book of the year, and best Swedish children’s book of the year. Jenny Tunedal's Rosor skador is nominated in the category best fiction book.

- This is wonderful news! And of course very well deserved. Until now only one poem book has received the August prize, and Rosor skador definitely have a good chance of becoming the second – it's a very, very good book. We colleagues at the Faculty of fine, applied and performing arts are so happy for Jenny Tunedal, says Sofia Gräsberg, head of unit for Literary composition at the Valand Academy.

Rosor skador is a novel about Alzheimer's disease and about what remains when a person loses her language, her memories, her identity. From the jury's motivation:

Jenny Tunedal writes about a daughter asking her mother, "Do you remember my mother?" And get the answer "No". This "no" forces the language philosophy and the literary quotes down to the ward floor and gives King Lear the chance to pass through the nursery's corridors. In Rosor skador, a complex poetic form brings forth the strongest of feelings.

In addition to Jenny Tunedal's Rosor skador, another five books are nominated in the same category. The winner will be announced on November 27th, when the prize is awarded at this year's August Gala in Stockholm Concert Hall. The prize is a bronze statue designed by Mikael Fare and 100 000 kronor. More about the prize and this year's nominated books on the Augustpriset website.