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Extra inspiration in investigative journalism for students at MIJ

Brigitte Alfter with Jenny Wiik and Sandra ForestiBoth teachers and students appreciated Brigitte Alfter's visit to JMG. She generously offered her special knowledge in crossborder journalism, that is, how journalists can collaborate across national borders in investigative journalism.

Brigitte Alfter is one of the members in the programme board that serves to assist JMG in supporting the development of the Master's Programme in Investigative Journalism (MIJ).

She is a Danish-German journalist, author and expert on crossboarder journalism.

Recently, she visited JMG for two days. Generously, she told students and teachers about her specialist skills in crossborder journalism and explained the special challenges encountered in the collaboration between journalists from different countries with different journalistic traditions - and the strength of this.

It was two very inspiring days for both students and teachers - on the photo together with Jenny Wiik, Programme Coordinator, (on the left) and Sandra Foresti, lecturer (on the right).

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