Ubiquitous Walking: Blending of online and offline approaches towards climate action

Sustainability and environment
Culture and languages

Professor Joane Serrano, University of the Philippines Open University.

13 Apr 2023
13:00 - 15:00
Annedalsseminariet, room 326, The School of Global studies and at zoom

Good to know
The seminar is open for everyone.

Please send an email to to get the zoom link.

There is enough evidence that shows the threatening impact of climate change specially to developing countries like the Philippines. But there is also a low level of public awareness about climate change. It is therefore imperative to understand why.

Dr. Serrano’s talk will explore the concept of ubiquitous walking as an approach in addressing the climate crisis and promoting climate action. Ubiquitous walking refers to the blending of online and offline approaches to use walking as a reflexive and learning tool in promoting climate action. The talk will show how ubiquitous walking can be a method to work collaboratively with classmates in producing an OER that reflects the groups’ collective efforts of understanding their chosen topic through walking. She will discuss how it is possible to produce a ‘renewable’ or ‘valuable’ output that can be used by others in science communication, and how science communication practitioners can help address the challenges that is a result of climate changes.

Professor Joane Serrano, is the current dean of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies, University of the Philippines Open University.

She teaches Environmental Advocacy, Communication of Scientific and Technical Information, and Socio-Cultural Perspectives on the Environment. She has a wide array of research interests including sustainability, socio-cultural perspectives on the environment, development and environmental communication, health promotion, gender and indigenous knowledge, and open and distance eLearning (ODeL). She is currently the editor in chief of the UPOU-managed Journal of Management and Development Studies.

Arranged by The walking resarch network One by walking ( together with The School of Global studies at Gothenburg university.