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Theoretical Physics Seminar – Maria Hermanns

Science and Information Technology

This is part of a seminar series for students and researchers interested in theoretical physics and applied mathematics. First up is Maria Hermanns from Stockholm University, with the seminar titled "Kitaev spin liquids".

14 Oct 2021
15:15 - 16:15
Digitally via Zoom

Maria Hermanns: Kitaev spin liquids


Most magnetic materials order at sufficiently low temperatures. Quantum spin liquids are an exception to this rule, as quantum fluctuations prevent the local magnetic moments from ordering, even down to zero temperature. Instead, the local moments form a strongly correlated quantum liquid with many fascinating properties, such as the emergence of fractionalized excitations and long-range entanglement.

In this talk, I want to discuss a special class of quantum spin liquids called Kitaev spin liquids. These are ideal model systems that allow us to study quantum spin liquids and their properties, as they are exactly solvable (both in 2D and 3D) and harbor a large variety of gapped and gapless spin liquid phases. I will explain the mechanism of spin fractionalization and how to solve Kitaev spin liquid models, as well as discuss their properties and (thermodynamic) signatures and how those relate to recent experiments performed on certain Iridates and RuCl3.

The seminar is held digitally via Zoom


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