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Mexikos flagga fladdrar i vinden.
Photo: Luis Vidal, Unsplash

Rethinking the conquest: 500 years since the fall of Mexico City-Tenochtitlan

Society and economy

Does archeology and history see this as the end of an era? Conversation between Martin Dominguez Nunez, PhD in Anthropology and Archeology, Institute of Anthropology and History in Chihuahua, Mexico and Jose Luis Dominguez, independent historian.

15 Apr 2021
18:00 - 20:00
Online event, Zoom

Good to know
The webinar is held in Spanish with translation to English.
School of Global Studies and Solidaridad Ayotzinapa, Suecia

This lecture/conversation will try to approach the following questions:

  • Is there any sense in speaking of a Mexico 500 years ago as conquered by a Spain as a nation-state?
  • Can we speak of a conquest or of several conquests or of changes in economic and social paradigms of different societies?
  • What were the visions and reactions of the indigenous people regarding these changes and processes?