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En kontrabas i ett kyrkorum
Photo: Uwe Steinmetz

Public defence: Uwe Steinmetz - musical performance and interpretation

Culture and languages

Thesis name: Jazz in Worship and Worship in Jazz - Exploring the Musical Language of Liturgical, Sacred and Spiritual Jazz in a Postsecular Age. External reviewer: Melvin L. Butler, fil dr, professor of music, University of Miami, Florida

11 Jun 2021
14:00 - 17:00
Zoom -

Academy of Music and Drama

This thesis investigates how jazz is shaped by religious concepts and the spiritual experiences of artists, and discusses distinct musical elements in the formation of three interdependent categories of religiously inspired jazz: Liturgical Jazz (serving the liturgy within Christian churches), Sacred Jazz (as a form of sacred concert music), and Spiritual Jazz (inspired by the spiritual experiences of the artist). Jazz history relevant for Steinmetz’s studies along with relevant theory for each category are imbricated with musical interventions from his own artistic research within composition and performance.