Ross Daly playing a bowed string instrument
Photo: Magnus Gotander

Performance Lecture with Artist in Residence Ross Daly

Culture and languages

Ross Daly is a guest teacher within an artist in residence programme at the Academy of Music and Drama, which is presented with support from the Stena Foundation. In this seminar concert, the audience gets to meet Ross and get acquainted with his various instruments.

10 May 2022
18:00 - 19:00
Free admission, no tickets (first come first served)

Academy of Music and Drama

The acclaimed musician Ross Daly is a virtuoso on several instruments from the eastern Mediterranean region and Asia, such as the Cretan lyre and the Afghan lute rabab. He has recorded over 30 albums and performed worldwide. With support from the Stena Foundation, he is a guest teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama within the Artist in residence programme. This evening, the audience will meet Ross and his various instruments in a seminar concert where he both plays and tells about his life and shares his great knowledge in music.

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