Summer picture from Steneby with green grass and views of lake.
Photo: Annica Torgare

Open House in Steneby

Culture and languages

Welcome to Steneby – art, craft and design since 1934. The day is an excellent opportunity to get to know us at Steneby better. Meet students, talk to teachers, see our workshops and hear what opportunities open up after completing the education.

Open house
3 Feb 2023 - 4 Feb 2023
HDK-Valand, Campus Steneby, Dals Långed

Good to know
Pre-registration for free bus ticket is mandatory, see link below.
Stenebyskolan and HDK-Valand Campus Steneby

During the day, you can ask questions about your application, work samples, accommodation, costs, participate in workshops, etc. Teachers, students and former students are there to inform and inspire.

Stockholm, departs from Cityterminalen, Signed Stenebyskolan – Dals Långed at 06:00.
Return journey to Stockholm 16:00

Gothenburg, departs from the Nils Ericsson terminal, signposted Stenebyskolan, at 8:30. Return journey to Gothenburg at 16:00.

NB. Registration in advance is required. More information and registration above.

About: Steneby is a creative cultural and educational environment in Dalsland 170 kilometers north of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. We are two schools: Stenebyskolan and HDK-Valand, Academy of Art and Design, Campus Steneby, University of Gothenburg. The two schools share a common ground in the materials wood, metal and textile. Steneby also has an art gallery and a library.

Program Friday and Saturday 3 & 4 February

3 & 4 Feb. Bus from Gothenburg
4 February Bus from Stockholm

Coffee break 11 – 11:15 Coffee and bun in the assembly hall
11:25 – 11:45 info Stiftelsen Stenebyskolan by Principal and Head of Education
11:50 – 13:15 & 14:00 – 16:00

Guides who show around according to areas of interest – teachers and students provide information in each department
1 – University preparation Stenebyskolan, Clothes & Form & Design, Dampen
2 – Preparatory school Stenebyskolan, Clothes & Accessories & Woodcraft & Furniture, New construction
3 – University preparation Steneby School, Object & Jewelery Art & Advanced Year, Workshops and Red School
4 – University preparation Stenebyskolan, Textile: Art & Design
5 – YH training Stenebyskolan – bus to Karls Gärde
6 – HDK Valand, Metal Art
7 – HDK Valand, Furniture design focus on wood
8 – HDK Valand, Textile – Body – Room

13:15 – 14:00 Lunch in the dining room

If you have a moment to spare, please visit our fine library and art gallery.

Return journey 16:00 at the union hall

First come, first served applies to bus bookings.