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Licentiate seminar: Julia Karls

Science and Information Technology

Licentiate seminar in physics: "Photodetachment of Stable and Radioactive Negative Ions".

31 May 2021
09:00 - 11:00
Digitally via Zoom

Opponent: Dr. Holger Kreckel, Germany
Supervisor: Dag Hanstorp
Examiner: Alexander Dmitriev


The structural and dynamical properties of negative ions have been studied. The electron affinites (EA) for two radioactive isotopes, 128I and 211At have been determined using a new movable setup, the Gothenburg ANion Detector for Affinity measurements by Laser Photodetachment (GANDALPH), installed at ISOLDE at CERN. This setup was originally built and assembled at the University of Gothenburg. These are the first EA measurements of radioactive isotopes. This opens up a whole new field of experiments, where the EA of even heavier ions can be measured. Another application is the new possibility of measuring isotope shifts in radioactive isotopes. 

Second, the radiative lifetimes of excited states in Ir ̅ and Rh ̅  have been measured at the cryogenic storage ring DESIREE. In these ions, previously unknown bound states have been found, as well as an autodetaching state in Rh ̅ . The long term plan is to map out the lifetimes of all the excited states in negative ions. These experimental results can be used to benchmark theoretical methods in the field.

The licentiate seminar will take place digitally via Zoom