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Envisioning the future


Welcome to this 'PM-Seminar' in which Lotte Schack presents her doctoral project with the aim of examining ways in which the climate movement formulate visions and strategies for a fossil free future.

18 Nov 2020
10:15 - 12:00
Digital Zoom - send an email to the contact person prior to the seminar for access

Lotte Schack, PhD candidate
Åsa Wettergren, Professor
Sarah Philipson Isaac, PhD candidate
Håkan Thörn, Professor
Good to know
Important note! Please email the contact person for login details. The so called PM-Seminar is the first out of three required seminars during doctoral studies.
The Department of Sociology and Work Science.

Lotte Schack, PhD candidate, presents her doctoral project with the aim of examining the ways in which the climate movement formulate their visions for a fossil free future and the strategies they deploy in order to get there. It does so mainly through ethnographic fieldwork with four climate NGOs: through participant observation at meetings, debates and protests as well as interviews with movement activists.

Theoretically, this research project draws on a Gramscian framework in considering questions of the relationship between the state and civil society, as well as struggles over hegemony as central to the way visions are formulated and negotiated within the climate movement.

Through a comparative analysis between the four groups, the project seeks to understand why different groups opt for different strategies and visions. It explores the internal discussions about this within the groups and how these culminate in the visions put forward by the movement. It especially focuses on what place movement actors’ ideas about the Swedish state and public have in these discussions.