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Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Condensed Matter Physics Seminar - Anne E. B. Nielsen

Science and Information Technology

This is part of a virtual seminar series in theoretical condensed matter and atomic physics, with the aim to connect researchers working at different Nordic universities. Anne E. B. Nielsen from Aarhus University is holding a seminar titled "Topological quantum systems in fractals and quasicrystals".

25 Oct 2021
16:15 - 17:15
Digitally via Zoom

Anne E. B. Nielsen: Topological quantum systems in fractals and quasicrystals


Describing quantum models on Bravais lattice structures has a long tradition in condensed matter physics. Progress in quantum engineering, however, motivates the study of non-periodic systems, where the choice of lattice structure is seen as a parameter. Here, we investigate the possibility to obtain topological models on fractals and quasicrystals. We show that anyons and the fractional quantum Hall effect can be realized in fractal dimensions between 1 and 2, and we discuss a new type of topological states in quasicrystals.

The seminar is held digitally via Zoom


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