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Kristoffer Schollin


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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Kristoffer Schollin

Kristoffer Schollin, Ph. D. intellectual property law, is a lecturer at the Department of Law and CIP – Center for Intellectual Property studies. Areas of expertise include Copyright law, Trademark law, Internet Domain Name regulation, Digital Rights Management and Open Source / Free Software dynamics. He lectures extensively to varied audiences using engineering, legal or marketing perspectives and endeavours to integrate the understanding of how constructing social phenomena is akin to the construction of technologies and how lawyers and technologists share a societal function.

With an LL M exam and a background in Philosophy and the IT industry, Kristoffer Schollin developed the Intellectual Capital Management Masters Programme at CIP, and won the Grand Pedagogic Prize of Gothenburg University in 2002. Going on to research in the field of law and technology he has written papers on Open Source management and the future techno-legal platforms of online music distribution.

Currently working on a project focusing blockchain technologies and decentralization versus centralization in control of information and expression.

Teaching within the fields of Copyrights in the digital age, Digital rights management systems, Trademark regulation in Sweden, Domain names regulation globally and in Sweden, Open Source software business models.

Research areas

  • Intellectual Property Law

Teaching areas

  • Intellectual Property Law