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Johannes Borgqvist

About Johannes Borgqvist

I work with mechanistic mathematical modelling of protein kinetics in the context of ageing in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I work mainly with coupled systems of ordinary and partial differential equations describing the change in concentration over various proteins either as a function of only the time or as a function of both the time and the spatial location in the cell. Given this type of theoretical framework, the features of the models are analysed in two ways. On the one hand, analytical methods such as stability analysis or symmetry methods are used to analyse the behaviour of the solutions and specific properties of the models. On the other hand, numerical methods are used to calibrate the models to experimental data where an emphasis lies on estimating kinetic parameters in the models. The overall aim is improve the procedures for validating and constructing models in order to capture fundamental physical properties of the studied system in the model by encoding them mathematically in theoretical objects such as symmetries.

For more information, my PhD thesis is available at

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