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Jessica Glanzelius


Division of Academic
Visiting address
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 11B, 2 vån
Postal address
Box 100
405 30 Göteborg

About Jessica Glanzelius

Assignment I am member of the management group at the Division of Academic Support, give strategic communication support to the Head of the Division and Heads of Units and, whe needed,  to the other heads of units within the group. Apart from this I give communication support to project managers of some larger, university-wide projects carried out within the Division.

The Division of Academic Administration is one of two divisions within the Central University Administration. The following units are a part of the Division: Educational Affairs, Grants and Innovation Office, International Centre, Communication as well as the office of the Division. 

Professional background Throughout my professional career, since 1987, I have worked with communication in various ways. I have twelve years of experience working as a member of different management groups with strategic communications and brand management. In addition to those I have worked for several years with leadership communication. As Head of Communication at the Swedish Union of Tenants - Region of western Sweden, I was part of the management group and of the organization's national group for Communication and Public Affairs.

For nine years I worked at HDK - School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, in charge of Communication. My mission was to build up both internal and external communication from the ground, to clarify and strengthen HDK as part of the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts and the University of Gothenburg. I was member of the management group, gave strategic and practical communication support to the Head of the Department and the other members of management. During the last five years I also had an extra assignment as Deputy Acting Head of Department, its' 90 staff members and 350 students.

A couple of other employments, in short: I have worked in a government authority, private companies, non-profit organizations, policy-driven municipal and regional-owned companies. At Film i Väst, I was part of the management council and built up the communication work from scratch. As the manager of the West Sweden Film Commission I promoted the Västra Götaland Region as a film location, including trade shows in Cannes and Los Angeles. At GötaFilm I worked, among other things, with production management and marketing.

My involvement in Amnesty International led to being appointed at the organization's first office outside of Stockholm, where I was also the manager for the office’s volunteer staff. At the Gothenburg Film Festival, I was a project manager, at Angered Theatre and Gothenburg City Theatre, I worked as an Information Officer.

My university education has accent on Communication, combined with Political Science, International Relations and French.

Thoughts on communication Building bridges for internal collaboration is incredibly important, on many different levels. An organization where the different parts have good knowledge of each other, show trust and openness - it creates a work environment where people thrive and develop. In such an environment there is also room for development of the organization itself and for innovative collaboration - both internally and externally. Communication and leadership go hand in hand. The staff is the most important key to success. A wellplanned, transparent and sensitive communication can help with some of the building blocks needed.