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Photo: Natalie Greppi

Upcoming Virtual Fairs and Webinars

Meet us at one of our upcoming virtual fairs and attend our webinars! You will find dates and registration on this page.


We know, it's not the easiest thing to pick an education, university or even a country to study in. During our upcoming webinars we will tell you as much as possible about Sweden, Gothenburg, our University, scholarships and career prospects - and everything in between. Zoom in with us and get inspired. 

A university for the world
November 9 - 3pm to 4pm 
During this webinar, our students will give you an introduction to the University of Gothenburg. Besides basic fact such as our fields of academics and how many students we have, you will learn about what differs us from other universities. By always keeping our most important issues, equality, sustainability and global commitment, our University assumes responsibility for the development of society while helping to build a sustainable world. Register to the webinar.

Life as a student
November 16 - 3pm to 4pm
Gothenburg is a vibrant city located in the heart of Scandinavia, and our campuses are in the middle of the city. During this webinar, our students will tell you about how it is to study at a University that is integrated with the city, with vibrant shopping streets and exciting cultural life with the magnificent nature and archipelago as the closest neighbour. Register for the webinar. The time is UTC+1.

Career prospects
November 23 - 3pm to 4pm
We are just as keen on preparing you for an exciting future career as we are on giving you the best time of your life as students at our University. Register for the webinar. 

Pursuing an academic career
November 30 - 3pm to 4pm
Do you have your sight on an academic career and is interested in doing an PhD? During this webinar an alumni will tell you about the path from being a prospective master's student to a PhD student. Register for the webinar. 

Application and scholarships
December 7 - 3pm to 4pm
During this webinar you will learn about the process of application and how to apply for a scholarship. Register for the webinar. 

Last minute Q & A session and recap
January 11 - 3pm to 4pm
Time flies and it is time to apply! Zoom in on this last minute session and have your questions answered. Register for the webinar. 

Can't make it? No worries, we will of course record the webinars and upload here. and for those of you who can't wait until the webinars, we have uploaded a couple of previous webinars for you to enjoy. 

Video (53:18)
Student Economy and Living Costs
Video (1:01:53)
Student life in Gothenburg

Virtual Fairs

Thinking about studying in Gothenburg? Curious about what we have to offer international students? Take the chance to talk to our staff and student ambassadors on a virtual fair hosted by Study in Sweden.

South Asia
October 23 - 1pm to 5pm. Register for the fair.

The time is UTC+2. 

Webinars hosted by the Faculty of Science

During the upcoming webinars hosted by the Faculty of Science you will be able to learn more about the specific programmes, learn about the student life in Gothenburg and join live Q&A sessions. You will meet programme officers, study counselors and students. 

Master's Programmes in Biology and Biodiversity and Systematics
15 November 3-4 pm Register for the webinar

Join our information session with study advisors and a student panel about our Master's Programmes in Biology and Biodiversity and Systematics. 

Master's Programmes in Life Science and Chemistry
19 November 3-4 pm Register for the webinar
Study at a university that ranks amongst the top 2 universities in Sweden and top 31 worldwide in the field of Life Sciences- Biological Sciences. You will learn about our Master's Programmes in:
- Chemistry
- Genomics and Systems Biology
- Molecular Biology
- Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Master's Programmes in Conservation
24 November 3-4 pm 
Register for the webinar
Are you interested in studying Conservation in unique facilities and want to know more about the studies, Gothenburg and the University? Then join our webinar where you will learn more about our Master’s Programmes in Conservation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Objects.

Master's Programmes in Physics and Mathematics
25 November 3-4 pm 
Register for the webinar
Get your Master's degree in Gothenburg, a city with one of the largest research communities in Physics and Mathematics in Sweden. During the webinar, you will learn more about our Master’s programmes in Physics, Mathematics and Complex Adaptive Systems.

Master's Programmes related to climate and sustainability
29 November 3-4 pm 
Register for the webinar
Do you endeavour to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action? Then you have come to the right place as we offer a wide range of programmes in these fields. During the webinar we will tell you all about our Master’s Programmes in:
- Environmental Science
- Geography
- Earth Sciences
- Ecotoxicology 
- Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems

Master’s Programmes related to the ocean
2 December 3-4 pm 
Register for the webinar
Do you love the ocean? Get your Master’s degree at a university with prominent marine and maritime research and great facilities along the west coast of Sweden. We will talk about our Master’s Programmes in:
- Marine Sciences
- Sea and Society
- Physical Oceanography
- Environmental Science
- Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems
- Nordic Master’s Programme in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources
- International Master’s of Science in Marine Biological Resources, IMBRSea