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Our research interests put us in close working proximity to multinational corporations around the globe, where we constantly aim to bridge knowledge and expertise that belong to the complementary spheres of academia and corporations.

Ongoing research projects

The role of demand in new regional industrial path development - the food industry in transformation

This project deals with the role of demand (i.e. consumers and customers) in regional transformation processes, especially focusing on the transformation of the food sector towards environmentally friendly production. 
Hanna Martin & Roman Martin
The Swedish Research Council FORMAS 2017–2020

The Globalization of R&D in Multinational Enterprises: A Need of New Theoretical Explanations

The aim of the present study is to analyse the driving mechanisms behind this new trend of R&D globalisation in MNEs, where foreign R&D units increasingly are involved in the development of new technology for global, regional and local markets, rather than in their traditional role to locally adapt the parent corporations existing technology, and where co-location with manufacturing units is a main locational determinant.
Inge Ivarsson & Claes G. Alvstam
The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences 2015-2019

Strategic Renewal in Swedish Industry

We plan to analyse the renewal processes both within individual firms, as well as how this is part of their external relations with customers, suppliers and other business partners within local and global value chains.
Claes Göran Alvstam, Martin Henning, Inge Ivarsson, Richard Nakamura and Ramsin Yakob
Sweden's Innovation Agency 2017-2019

Time, Temporality and Speed of Firm Internationalization

We seek to extend knowledge about internationalization speed, its determinants and potential outcomes. Based on theories on resource accumulation, e.g. time compression diseconomies and learning advantage of newness, hypotheses are developed and confronted with data collected on site at 200 Swedish, 200 Chinese, and 150 Polish firms.
Mikael Hilmerson, with colleagues at Uppsala University and Mid Sweden University
Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius stiftelse, Handelsbanken, 2015-2019

Swedish regional economic change and transformation

The research project is studying regional growth in the long term in Sweden, and in international comparison. 
Martin Henning and researchers at Lund University
Länsförsäkringar Alliance Research Foundation, 2018-2020