University of Gothenburg

Job Market Candidates 2022-2023

We are proud to present the candidates for the job market from the Department of Economics.

David Bilén

CV: David Bilén (pdf)
Job Market Paper: "Do carbon labels cause consumers to reduce their emissions? Evidence from a large-scale natural experiment"
Main Fields of Research: Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics
References: Professor Olof Johansson-Stenman, Associate Professor Eva Ranehill, Professor Anna Dreber, Stockholm School of Economics

Magnus Hansson

CV: Magnus Hansson (pdf)
Job Market Paper: "Arbitrage in Crypto Markets: An Analysis of Primary Ethereum Blockchain Data"
Main Fields of Research: Decentralized finance; Applied machine learning
References: Professor Erik Hjalmarsson, Assistant professor Andreas Dzemski, PhD Marcin Zamojski


Ville Inkinen

CV: Ville Inkinen (pdf)
Job market paper: "Evaluation of market-based environmental offsetting under the US Clean Water Act"
Main Fields of Research: Environmental Economics, Public Economics

References: Associate Professor Jessica Coria, Professor Mikael Lindahl, Professor Thomas Sterner