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Improving rational antibiotic use in the Tanzanian community by assessing the knowledge and practices among prescribing health care workers

Research project
Active research
Project size
547 000 SEK
Project period
2018 - 2020
Project owner
Rune Andersson (project leader, CARe), Matilda Emgård (CARe), Susann Skovbjerg (CARe), Margret Lepp (CARe), Sia Msuya (KCMUCo, Tanzania), Rose Mwangi (KCMUCo, Tanzania), Florida J. Muro (KCMUCo, Tanzania) and Sr. Celina Mayo (KCMUCo, Tanzania)

Gothenburg Medical Society and CARe

Short description

There is a high use of antibiotics against respiratory tract infections among young children in Tanzania. Most antibiotics consumed by the children are prescribed by a clinician, and in a majority of cases on questionable medical indications. This qualitative study aims to explore health worker’s experiences and practices of antibiotic prescription to children under five years of age in Moshi, Tanzania, and to assess parental/guardian experiences and attitudes on antibiotic resistance and treatment of common childhood infections.