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Dispersal of antibiotic resistance through marine aquaculture in Asia and sub- Saharan Africa

Research project
Active research
Project size
1 000 000 SEK
Project period
2018 - 2020
Project owner
Per Knutsson (CARe), Indrani Karunasagar, (Nitte Universitet, India), Ramchandra Bhatta (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), David Mirerera (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute), Rashmi Narayan (T A Pai Management Institute,

Short description

Our aim is to build on existing research collaborationbetween scholars from Sweden, India and Kenya, and to initiate research networks and multistakeholderplatforms, to produce a synthesis for policy recommendations for Asia and East Africa. The synthesis will bebased on empirical results and we will address where and on which level remedies to prevent antibioticresistance spread are most effective.