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The Consumption Report 2015: Per Capita Meat Consumption No Longer Increases


The increase in Swedish meat consumption per person and year have come to a halt. And the consumption category that increased the most during 2014 was purchases by non-resident households in Sweden. These are two conclusions drawn in the yearly Consumption Report, published by Centre for Consumer Science.

The meat consumption i kilos per person and year has stabilized since 2011, and the expenditure in SEK per person has stabilized since 2006. Also, the number of times Swedes eat meat per year are unchanged. Since the population is growing, the total consumption of meat in Sweden is increasing. But on an individual level, a flattening out and even a tendency of decreasing consumption can be seen between 2013 and 2014. These conclusions are drawn through anaysis of statistical data from Statistics Sweden, Department af Agriculture and the SOM-Institute. 

Purchases by non-residents in Sweden is the consumption category that increased the most between 2013 and  2014, and also the catagory that has increased the most since 2004. This is due to increased tourism. Both single-day and multiple-day visitors to Sweden have increased. Factors behind this is novelty seeking, relaxation and self-fulfillment.

The Consumption Report are published yearly by the Centre for Consumer Science and sums up trends in national consumption patterns in Sweden. 

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