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Meet Viktor - new PhD student at IIE


Viktor Ström is a new PhD student at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He was born and raised in Gothenburg where he also studied. He started the Bachelor’s programme in Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers in 2013 and graduated 2016 with a specialization in production. The same year Viktor continued with a two-year Master’s education, also at Chalmers. He graduated 2018 with a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Design, with a specialization in Intellectual Capital Management.

Viktor Ström

What kind of research will you be focusing on during your PhD education?

By combining my interests in emerging technologies, innovation management and knowledge intensive entrepreneurship, I´m interested in analyzing innovation management (e.g. idea generation and idea development) within such a field, or to analyze the ecosystem of such a field with primary focus on networks between actors and individuals.

Why did you choose to apply at IIE?

I choose IIE primarily due to that the institute's research focus is very linked with several of my interests (e.g. emerging technologies in relation to innovation management and knowledge intensive entrepreneurship) and the fact that the researchers within IIE have built up extensive knowledge within these fields over several years. In addition to this, IIE does not only produces research within these research areas, but also produces research on a broader level with the objective to affect public policy organizations, which is something that further sparked my interests in IIE.