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Meet Hani Elzoumor, student at the MSc programme in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship


Hani ElzoumorHani Elzoumor moved from Egypt for his Master’s studies. He chose the programme in Knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose the School of Business, Economic and Law?
- I applied for Master’s world-wide and chose Gothenburg because is a good city to live in. A lot of international companies are located in Gothenburg, as well as a lot of start-ups are started here. So Gothenburg economic eco system is a very good. Also Gothenburg University is a very high-ranked university and the business school is the only business school in Sweden that is triple-crown accredited. The school also have very tight relation with the industry so I decided to apply because I think that I will get a strong academic knowledge as well as a practical and professional experience, says Hani Elzoumor.

How was it to move to Sweden?
- I was very surprised that we call our teacher by their first name. It was strange for me, in my country we always use an abbreviation before the name. But I like it because there is no psychological barrier between me as a student and my teacher. I can discuss with them about any unclear subject that we discussed in class, and I can go to their office anytime and they will answer all my questions.

How is the School?
- We got many assignments that are open-ended, we search and we try to find the best solutions but it depends on our skills. So it is really challenging me but it gives me new skills that I can use later-on, says Hani Elzoumor and adds:
- It is an eye-opening experience. I have learnt a lot of entrepreneurship skills as well as academic skills. I’ve got to know many international students, the business school is a very good hub to meet people from all over the world.