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Interesting presentations at the annual Broman seminar


The Broman selection committee organised the annual Broman presentation seminar on 16 May. Almost 20 current and former recipients of the scholarship came to listen to presentations of the on-going work by some of the scholarship recipients of the autumn 2018.

The purpose was both to provide an up-to-date account of each scholar’s activities connecting to the scholarship, but also to provide network opportunities for the scholars and other actors linked to the foundation to create a wider community.


Ethan Gifford: Entrepreneurship in the New Economy: Exploring relationships between knowledge intensity and growth in new firms

Joseph Vecci: The Impact of Cognitive Load on Creativity

Rögnvaldur Saemundsson: Co-evolution of medical and engineering knowledge for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mikael Hilmersson: Technological innovations and SME internationalization: Time to innovation, innovative rhythm and temporality of internationalization

More information about the Broman Foundation

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