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Institutional logic and immigrant women entrepreneurs focus for guest researchers


Gothenburg Research Institute is a research center that maintains regular contacts with researchers from other universities in Sweden as well as other countries. Currently four guest researchers are visiting the Institute. Two of them are professor Tammar Zilber from Organizational Behavior Department at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Huriye Yeröz, from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, UK and a Research Fellow at Bromon Foundation for Research and Enterprise.

Tammar Zilber’s research interest is the process of organizing, studied from an institutional theory perspective. She explored how institutional logics are applied in organizing, for instance in organizing conferences in high tech industry. In another study, she examines how people in rape crisis centres made decisions in relation to broader meaning systems, such as feminism and therapy.
– I use institutional theory trying to look at micro-foundations of organizing, to see what is going on close to the ground, so to say, but also how broadly accepted meaning systems impact what people are doing.
Immigrant women entrepreneurs.

Immigrant women entrepreneurs

Huriye Yeröz examines identification and legitimization processes of immigrant women entrepreneurs in Sweden with a particular focus through their resourcing practices.
– Throughout my research project, I aim to firstly demonstrate that in entrepreneurship, it is imperative to transcend symbolic and material boundaries. Secondly I will deepen the discussions around processual issues which amount to relative advantage (privilege) and disadvantage (marginalization) in the field of entrepreneurship.
– This way, my project will provide complementary insights to cultural studies of entrepreneurship, which emphasize access either to material or cultural resources and representations.

In-depth and life story interviews

Huriye Yeröz will stay at GRI for a year. She will execute in-depth and extended life story interviews with a group of immigrant women entrepreneurs who lived and set up enterprises in Sweden. Tammar Zilber will be connected to GRI for three years and will visit us one month every year.
During their first week at GRI, the two guest researchers have been busy getting to know people and the research environment.
- This research environment is amazing, Huriye Yeröz says. The seminars gave me a lot to think of in relation to my own research.

Tammar Zilber agrees:
- It’s a very nice setting here. You have these interdisciplinary teams working on specific issues. I had very interesting one-on-one discussions and was given much useful stuff to read, so it’s really have been very interesting and very fruitful.

Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, director of GRI, says that it is a long-term strategy to invite scholars from research units that GRI already has, or will like to develop, collaboration with. She says that she can see that everybody really enjoys having the guests at the GRI.
- It’s very interesting to talk to them at to get to know more about their research fields. It’s always nice to have guests, as it adds new dimensions to our own research.