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IIE researchers presented three papers on medical innovation and patents at Geoinno2020


Maureen McKelvey, Elena Mas Tur and Rögnvaldur Saemundsson from the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) presented three papers at Geoinnov 2020 conference in Stavanger, Norway.

The two co-authored papers by McKelvey and Saemundsson address medical innovation. One paper addresses the long term evolution of university-industry interaction through academic engagement in medical engineering. The second paper addresses innovation governance around experimentation through clinical research, using the Macchiarini case as a focal devise. Mas Tur is a Broman scholarship scholar affiliated with IIE and presented a paper on patents and examiners.

Geoinno2020 is an important conference about the economics of science, technology and innovation, set in relation to economic geography. See more at

Rögnvaldur and Maureen, in Stavanger, Norway.

Greeting from Rögnvaldur and Maureen, in Stavanger, Norway.