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Handbook of Research on Sport and Business by Sten Söderman and Harald Dolles.


Edited by Sten Söderman, Professor of International Business, School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden and Harald Dolles, Professor in Sport Management, Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics, Molde, Norway and Professor in International Business, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

"Söderman and Dolles have assembled an impressive array of researchers to address the nexus between sport and business. In their rich collection of research on sport business theory and practice Söderman and Dolles identify research themes from governance to branding, from sport events to sport systems, and from social media to fan identity, and they specifically reflect on the application of major theoretical concepts and key research methods. The authors’ aim is to advance sport business research through critical reflection on topic selection, research design, data analysis and interpretation. Their unique approach encourages researchers, from novice to experienced, to embrace diverse theories and methods. The Handbook is recommended reading for those interested in advancing sport business research." – Graham Cuskelly, Griffith University, Australia

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