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Eight paper presentations at conferences this summer: AOM, DRUID and PICMED


Researchers from the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) have presented papers eight times this summer.

At DRUID, in Rome, we presented three papers on governance and search, with IIE authors Gifford, Ljungberg, McKelvey and Zaring ( At PICMED in USA, McKelvey presented joint work on biotechnology with Professor Niosi from Canada. At the Academy of Management (AOM), we presented four papers, with IIE authors Holmén, McKelvey, Saemundsson and Zaring. McKelvey also co-authored with Assistant Professor Rake from Passau, Germany and Associate Professor Perkmann from Imperial College, London. The papers ranged from entrepreneurship to governance to how pharmaceutical companies use networks to publish.

Find the articles here