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Do patents engage academics in business? A study on Swedish academics in nanoscience.


Evangelos Bourelos, researcher at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) at the University of Gothenburg, has been visiting Sabanci University in Istanbul between 12 – 26 May. Sabanci School of Management is amongst the best in the world with noticeable achievements such as the inclusion of its executive MBA in the Financial Times ranking.

This is the third visit since 2016 to Sabanci to meet with Assistant Professor Berna Beyhan as part of a collaboration between IIE and Sabanci. Maureen McKelvey, Berna Beyhan and Evangelos Bourelos have conducted research together about academic entrepreneurship in nanoscience in Sweden. The focus of this visit was to investigate the mechanics of academic involvement in business. More specifically, they focus on academic inventors within nanoscience, which are considered as high value human capital. Shedding light on the existing knowledge transfer from academia to the industry, especially within the hot topic of nanoscience, is important in order to understand and assess the process as well as in order to make necessary policies to strengthen the links and the outcomes.

Evangelos Bourelos and Berna Beyhan  outside Sabanci university