Health Information Systems Interoperability: Towards a Managing as Designing Approach

Science and Information Technology

Grace Kobusinge is defending her PhD thesis in informatics.

29 Oct 2021
10:00 - 12:00
Room Torg Grön, Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg, Patricia Building, Forskningsgången 6, Campus Lindholmen, Gothenburg, and partly via link.

Good to know
Faculty Opponent: Professor Ulf Melin, Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), Linköping University

Description of the thesis:

The  thesis  tackles  the  enduring  topic  of  Information  Systems  (IS)  interoperability.  The  COVID-19  pandemic  has  reiterated  the  value  of  interoperable  healthcare  systems  to  the  overall  public  good.  Yet,  healthcare  organizations still experience data sharing challenges. Given the contextual nature of interoperability, scholars emphasize the salience of contextual understanding and effective management during the design process. Through  empirical  investigations  the  thesis  elucidates  how  health  information  systems  (HIS)  interoperability  implementation  can  be  enhanced  through a managing as designing – MaD perspective and a better understanding of context.

The thesis proposes a MaD approach to IS interoperability implementation that seeks to motivate IS implementers to analyse the context of interaction  and  delineate  context-appropriate  interoperability  solutions.  The  proposed approach seeks to encourage collaboration between healthcare managers and HIS designers to jointly purse overall healthcare interoperability  objectives  through  a  design  attitude.  The  proposal  of  the  design attitude is intended to inspire reflective thinking that synthesizes the particulars of the context during the implementation process. The thesis contributes to understanding the dynamics of IS interoperability implementation not only in healthcare but also in similar complex contexts.


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