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Workshop to discuss and debate current research about Evolutionary Economics 5.0


The workshop Evolutionary Approaches 5.0 took place on Tuesday 10 March 2020 as a part of Professor McKelvey’s Distinguished Professor Programme: A Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

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The workshop was organized by Maureen McKelvey, Guido Buenstorf and Mark Bagley, at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and sponsored by the Swedish Research Council. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a select group of researchers to discuss and debate current research about Evolutionary Economics 5.0. The title is a play on 5G, and in addition to presenting recent research, the aim is to explore how and where evolutionary economics is relevant in the context of today’s social sciences.

Among the topics discussed included the impact of foreign ownership on local renewal; network studies among collaborative innovation systems; the emergence of organizational routines from entrepreneurial actions; industrial PhDs within German systems of research and innovation; and the co-evolution of medical and engineering knowledge. Furthermore, a panel featuring Guido Buenstorf, Martin Henning, Nathalie Lazaric and Rögnvaldur Saemundsson gave an overview of the state of evolutionary thought in the social sciences as well as its future horizons.

- The workshop gave me the possibility to closely follow the frontier in international research. In addition, I got the opportunity to develop my knowledge within evolutionary economics and network analysis, areas that are of direct relevance to my own research, says Karin Berg, PhD student at the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Download the programme here