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MeetingPoint Entrepreneurship - Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: What can we learn from Technology and Creative Industries?

On 26 May the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE), School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, organized MeetingPoint Entrepreneurship together with External Relations. The event brought together 50 people, partners from companies, professors and researchers, Broman Foundation post-doctoral scholars and friends, as well as Masters students and PhD students.

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This day celebrated the Broman Foundation, which was started by Ingemar Broman, to stimulate research on innovation and entrepreneurship. They day also provided a space for networking and inspiration for people sharing this particular interest. The audience was given insights about what we can learn from entrepreneurs in both technology-based and creative industries as well as about knowledge intensive entrepreneurship, a concept that is relevant for small as well as large companies, tied as it is to creativity and renewal. The book How Entrepreneurs Do What They Do is dedicated to Ingemar Broman.

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Staffan Albinsson, Broman Post-Doctoral Scholar, started off the day by presenting ‘The Artist as an Involuntary and Reluctant Entrepreneur: Insights from the Swedish Music Industry’.

Dag Jungenfelt, CEO at Medfield Diagnostics and Billy Nord, Founder of Billy Nord Creative, then gave their point of views about ‘How Entrepreneurs Do What They Do in Technology and Creative Industries’. Special focus lay on the challenges of, on the one hand, developing a unique product, first of its kind, on the market and on the other hand, having a common product and make it unique to attract the market.

Anne Lidgard, Director, VINNOVA Silicon Valley Office, was the most updated social media speaker, by sending her presentation via YouTube on ‘Survival in the Valley: What can Nordic start-ups in Tech Industries learn from Silicon Valley’.

Last up was Associate Professor Astrid Heidemann Lassen from Aalborg University, who gave a speech on ‘Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: What is it and why does it matter’. She will also be a Visiting Professor at IIE for the coming 3 years.

The panel concluded the day by discussing questions from the audience. It consisted of Docent Oskar Broberg (Moderator), Professor Alexander Styhre, Broman Post-Doctoral Scholar Elena Raviola, Professor Maureen McKelvey and Broman Post-Doctoral Scholar Evangelos Bourelos. They debated differences between Silicon Valley and Sweden as well as the differences – and similarities – between entrepreneurial ventures in high-tech and cultural industries.