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The University's Management Organisation

There are a number of boards and committees within the University. The reference to English vocabulary is to be understood as a reference, not an equivalent.

The University’s organisation

There are a number of official posts and bodies within the University that are particular to an academic environment. We will make an attempt here to explain the terms.

The University Board

The University Board is the University’s highest decision-making body. According to the Higher Education Act, the board shall have "supervision over all the university’s affairs, and is responsible that its duties are fulfilled". Eight out of the fifteen board members represent general interests, including the Chair. In addition, the Vice-Chancellor, three lecturers and three students are included as members. Representatives of employees, i.e. three union representatives, have the right to attend and express views at the Board’s meetings.

University Board

Vice-Chancellor, Management Council and deputy vice-chancellors

The Vice-Chancellor heads the University and is its principal representative. The Vice-Chancellor leads the University’s activities with his or her responsibilities including implementing the decisions of the Board. Alongside the Vice-Chancellor is one Pro-Vice-Chancellor, who is also the Vice-Chancellor’s deputy.  Together, the Vice-Chancellor, the  Pro-Vice-Chancellor and the Head of Administration comprise the University’s executive function.

For preparation of important issues and as decision-making support for the Vice-Chancellor, there is a management council that meets every other Monday morning. The management council includes the University management, all deans, the chief librarian and the Chair of the GUS.

The Vice-Chancellor is also assisted by four deputy vice-chancellors with diffrent areas of responsibility.

Central administration

The University Administration is led by the Head of Administration who is responsible for the University’s central administration.


The University Library consists of eight branches and two Learning Centres, and is headed by the Chief Librarian, who works directly under the Vice-Chancellor.

Teaching and research

Faculty board level

The next organisational level consists of eight faculty boards and a special body for teacher training. These have considerable authority to make decisions within their respective areas of responsibility. The Chair and members of the faculty boards are appointed by election. There is an office linked to each of the faculty boards.


Departmental level

Subordinate to each faculty board are a number of departments, at present around 40 within the University as a whole. The departments are the University’s basic units in which the principal activities – teaching and research – are conducted. A Head of Department is in charge of each department



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