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Photo: Ragnhild Larsson


Here you can find AgeCaps dissertations from 2014.



Johan Skoog (Ada Gero)

Sleep and cognition in old age: Birth cohort differences, dementia, and biomarkers of Alzheimer´s disease

Theresa Westgård
Comprehending the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. Feasibility, outcomes and experiences of frail older people

Therese Rydberg Sterner: (EIPNEP)
Depression among Swedish 70-year-olds. Sex differences from a gender perspective


Therese Rydberg Sterner (EPINEP): Depression among Swedish 70-year-olds - Sex differences from a gender perspective


Jacob Stålhammar: (Kognitionsstörande sjukdomar hos vuxna)
Precision in neuropsychology. Four challenges when using simplified assumptions 

Isabelle Hansson: (ADA-Gero)
Retirement and Life Satisfaction: A Resource-Based Dynamic Perspective

Georg Henning (ADA-Gero): 
Change and Continuity in Psychological Health Across the Retirement Transition: Interindividual Differences and Post-Retirement Adjustment 

Tobias Skillbäck (NEUROCHEM):
Biochemical markers in dementia - Exploring Swedish registry data and the human proteome 

Georg Henning (ADA-Gero):
Change and Continuity in Psychological Health Across the Retirement Transition: Interindividual Differences and Post-Retirement Adjustment

Johan Nilsson (EPINEP):
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and anxiety symptoms in older adults

Caroline Hasselgren (LEXLIV):
Inequity in Mind. On the Social and Genetic Risk Factors of Dementia and their Interactions


Angela Bångsbo (FRESH):
Collaborative challenges in integrated care: Untangling the preconditions for collaboration and frail older people's participation

Peter Karlsson (ADA-Gero):
Birth cohort differences in cognitive aging: Secular trends in cognitive functioning and decline over 30 years in three population-based Swedish samples

Annikki Arola (FRESH):
Capturing the experience of health among persons aging in a migration context - Health promotion interventions as means to enable health and occupations in daily life (


Emmelie Barenfeld (FRESH):
How to support knowing and doing in promotion of health - Lessons learned from the Promoting Aging Migrants' Capabilities program

Marcus Praetorius Björk (ADA-Gero):
Bio-behavioral inquiries regarding cognitive aging and distance to death: The role of gender, APOE, grip strength and subjective memory

Daniel Jaraj (EPINEP):
Epidemiology of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus - Prevalence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Prognosis

Iolanda Tavares Silva (FRESH):
The dynamic nature of participation - Experiences, strategies and conditions for occupations in daily life amongst persons with late effects of polio 


Nils Beckman (EPINEP):
Epidemiological studies if sexuality in old age

Qarin Lood (FRESH):
Discovering the capabilities of ageing persons who are born abroad

Isabelle Ottenvall Hammar (FRESH):
Navigating Towards a Self-determined Daily Life in Old Age

Thorsteinn Gislason (EPINEP):
Frontotemporal dementia among the elderly

Robert Sigström (EPINEP):
Psychiatric symptoms and disorders in old age: prevalence, course and diagnostic thresholds 


Helena Hörder (EPINEP):
Successful ageing with a focus on fitness and physical activity

Madeleine Mellqvist Fässberg (EPINEP):
Suicidal behavior in late life

Pär Bjälkebring (ADA-Gero):
Age Differences in Experience and Regulation of Affect

Christina Ekelund (FRESH):
Being an agent in ones’ own life. How self-determination can be understood, perceived and evaluated in a context of community living frail older persons 

Zahra Ebrahimi (FRESH):

Frail elders´experiences of health: A combination of qualitative and quantitative studies with a salutogenic perspective

Helen Berglund (FRESH).
Quality in the continuum of care for frail older persons - Structure, process and outcome


Georg Henning:Individual differences in the reaction and adaptation to retirement. A psychological perspective on well-being in the retirement transition. Lic. thesis. Dept of Psychology.