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Västerländsk kolonialism och imperialism, Orienteringskurs

15 högskolepoäng (hp)

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In this course, we engage with key perspectives on Western colonialism and imperialism. It spans from early modern times to the decolonization process in the decades after World War II. We deal with key themes in the field—trade and warfare, slavery and racism, cultural encounters, imperial rule and administration, gender, nationalism and resistance. In lectures and/or seminars, we analyze the origins and driving forces of colonialism, the relationship between private and state actors in colonial projects, the impact of empire building on colonies as well as metropoles, and the ways in which colonialism and imperialism have shaped—and continue to shape—issues and conflicts in our own time. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to the long history of colonialism and imperialism. In one section, students also have the opportunity to focus on specialized literature dealing with a certain aspect, era, or region.

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Du hittar Institutionen för historiska studier i Humanistens lokaler på Renströmsgatan 6. Vår personal sitter på plan 5 och 6.