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Gameplay Design

Avancerad nivå
7,5 högskolepoäng (hp)

Om utbildningen

In this course you will deal with general design methods that can be applied to all these areas.
will get an understanding of how the different components in a game
environment interacts as well as what relations game design has to other
areas, i.e. programming and graphical design, which are required in the
development of modern interactive simulations.

The course is based around exercises and projects within the subject area which are complemented with lectures and workshops.

work takes places in supervised groups and aim to give practical
training in the development and modifications of game design.

Behörigheter och urval


Kandidatexamen om 180 högskolepoäng eller 60 högskolepoäng i ämnet datavetenskap. Dessutom krävs språkkunskaper motsvarande Engelska steg 6/Engelska B.