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Maternal Healthcare in Low Resource Settings: Investigations of IT as a resource - Göteborgs universitet Till startsida
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Maternal Healthcare in Low Resource Settings: Investigations of IT as a resource


Hawa Nyende försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Maternal Healthcare in Low Resource Settings: Investigations of IT as a resource. Disputationen kommer att genomföras på distans via Zoom: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/67648698690?pwd=MFoyYWJOb1loZExPWFVSVlVxWDNDZz09


Maternal mortality is a major problem especially in developing countries. Maternal deaths are partly attributed to the limited access to healthcare and a shortage of medically trained health professionals who can provide maternal healthcare service. Approaches have been adopted to improve access and quality of healthcare. However, the approaches have been challenged by quality of care and limited infrastructure. The quality of healthcare can be improved through transforming healthcare, by managing and organizing care on a value-based system. Thereby, involving multiple actors who integrate resources to co-create value in order to benefit themselves and others. Information technology (IT) has been identified as a key driver of value co-creation in this transformation though, the way in which IT can drive value co-creation in healthcare has not been fully explored. The thesis aims to enhance our knowledge on how IT as a resource contributes to value-based maternal healthcare in low-resource settings. This thesis draws on service dominant logic framework and case study approach. The empirical foundation of the thesis comprises of four studies that are focused on the use and design of IT for maternal healthcare. Three studies were carried out in Uganda and one study was carried out in Sweden. Interviews, observations, focus group discussions and document reviews were used in data collection. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data that was collected. The studies resulted into five published papers.

Föreläsare: Hawa Nyende

Datum: 2020-06-08

Tid: 13:00 - 15:00

Kategorier: IT

Plats: Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen

Kontaktperson: Pär Meiling

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