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Movie Screening: Marine Biodiversity and Villagers' Voices - Göteborgs universitet Till startsida
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Movie Screening: Marine Biodiversity and Villagers' Voices


Screening and discussion with filmmaker, Professor Ian Bryceson, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Spectacularly beautiful islands along Tanzania's coast of the tropical western Indian Ocean include Mafia, Mbudya, Zanzibar, Mnemba and Pemba. These coastal waters are characterised by exceptionally high marine biodiversity, with magnificent coral reefs and other biotopes.

In recent years, this exceptional marine biodiversity has attracted growing numbers of tourists, conservationists and researchers from all over the world. Tourism and conservation may have beneficial effects, however, if practiced badly, they can cause hardships and severely negative impacts on the livelihoods and rights of villagers and small-scale fishers. Researchers too may contribute to villagers' well-being and increase understanding of their circumstances with accurate analyses and constructive suggestions, whilst some researchers may promote unfairly negative images and narratives.

Industrial fisheries, especially trawling in inshore waters, and tuna fleets in offshore waters within Tanzania¿s EEZ, are additional threats to sustainability and environmental justice.

In this documentary, many villagers from several different islands explain their experiences with, and express their views on, the practices of conservation and tourism.

Föreläsare: Ian Bryceson, professor emeritus, International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Datum: 2020-02-26

Tid: 16:15 - 19:00

Kategorier: Sustainable development, Naturvetenskap, Miljö, Hållbar utveckling

Arrangör: Centre for Sea and Society

Plats: Botanhuset, Carl Skottbergs gata 22 B

Sista anmälningsdag: 2020-02-26 kl. 10:00.

Avgift: No fee

Kontaktperson: Malin Rosengren

Telefon: 070-8865656

Antal platser: 70 (Varav 3 är bokade)

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Sidansvarig: Webbredaktionen|Sidan uppdaterades: 2016-04-11

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