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Medical News Today: Weight loss reduces skin cancer risk

[2018-05-26] Obesity is a known risk factor for many cancers. A recent study, involving over 2,000 bariatric surgery patients, asks whether losing weight could reduce the risk of melanoma. A new study investigates weight loss and skin cancer risk.

[Medical News Today]

Rajoy, en el ojo del huracán por la corrupción en su partido

[2018-05-25] Raphael Minder, The New York Times Hace cinco años, en el clímax de un escándalo por corrupción, el presidente del gobierno español, Mariano Rajoy,

[El Periódico de México]

Sensitive Quantification of Drug Metabolites Using LC-MS

[2018-05-25] Credit: iStock. Determining what happens to a drug after it enters the body is a key consideration in the drug development process.

[Technology Networks]

Musik beruhigt Demenzpatienten

[2018-05-25] Bild 1 von 14 12 Risikofaktoren für Demenz Die Gene sind schuld! Das trifft nur bei einem ganz kleinen Teil der Demenzpatienten zu. Oft spielen andere Risikofaktoren mit rein, allen voran natürlich das Alter.


El consumo de café en el embarazo influye en el peso del niño

[2018-05-25] Durante la gestación muchos son los alimentos que se considera que es recomendable que la mujer no tome, en pro de cuidar de su salud y de la su bebé. Y entre esos se encuentran todos los que contengan cafeína .


DNV GL appoints Klas Bendrik as Chief Digital Transformation Officer

[2018-05-25] Friday, May 25, 2018 Klas Bendrik will join DNV GL as Chief Digital Transformation Officer to support DNV GL's digitalization and IT strategy.

[Digital Energy Journal]

Early warning and response system (EWARS) for dengue outbreaks

[2018-05-25] Roles Conceptualization, Data curation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Methodology, Software, Writing – original draft, Writing – review & editing * E-mail: laith.hussain@gu.


Kunstsommeren i Danmark

[2018-05-25] Over sommeren viser Louisiana papirarbejder af Ed Ruscha. Her: Spam Study, 1961-62. Olie på lærred, 9 x 9,5 cm. UBS Art Collection.


Obesity link to cancer 'warning shot'

[2018-05-25] A new global report has shown our waistlines can contribute to 12 different types of cancer (file photo). Losing weight can not only reduce your risks of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it could also prevent you from getting 12 different cancers.


Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

[2018-05-25] A new global report has shown our waistlines can contribute to 12 different types of cancer (file photo). Losing weight can not only reduce your risks of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it could also prevent you from getting 12 different cancers.

[Dominion Post]

Bambini a serio rischio cancro del colon-retto

[2018-05-25] ROMA – Sovrappeso e obesità, i rischi associati sono ormai riconosciuti come tantissimi. Da non ultimo quello di ben 12 diversi tipi di cancro.

[Diariodel Web]

Energy Efficiency in Logistics: An Interactive Approach to Capacity Utilisation

[2018-05-25] Open Access Article Sustainability 2018 , 10 (6), 1727; https://doi.org/10.


Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

[2018-05-25] Earlier studies found links between excess body mass and seven different cancers, but new evidence has found five more.


Weight loss surgery can reduce risk of skin cancer: Study

[2018-05-25] Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer, most closely associated with excessive sun exposure Representational Image Bariatric surgery, a weight

[Mid Day]

Experimental Psychiatry and Neurology

[2018-05-24] Denna sida på svenskaOur research is aimed at understanding molecular mechanisms causing disease by disruption in higher-level brain functioning.


Brain ‘fertiliser’ is growing new hope for stroke survivors

[2018-05-24] HUNTER researchers believe human growth hormone could play a critical role in improving the quality of life of stroke survivors.

[Newcastle Herald]

Routine CT Not Warranted After Chronic Subdural Hematoma Surgery

[2018-05-24] GOTHENBURG, Sweden — Not only is routine computed tomography (CT) to check for recurrence after evacuation surgery for chronic subdural hematoma


Big Drop in Malignant Melanoma Rate After Bariatric Surgery

[2018-05-24] VIENNA — Obese patients who undergo weight loss surgery appear to experience a substantial reduction in the risk of both skin cancer in general and malignant melanoma in particular, new results from a landmark prospective study indicate.


Hey Alexa: Amazon's virtual assistant becomes a personal assistant to software developers

[2018-05-24] Credit: CC0 Public Domain UBC computer scientists have turned Amazon Alexa into a tool for software engineers, tasking the virtual assistant to take care of mundane programming tasks, helping increase productivity and speed up workflow.


Chiesi publica nuevos datos avalan el uso de 'Trimbow' en EPOC

[2018-05-24] Chiesi  ha participado en la Congreso de la American Thoracic Society (ATS) en San Diego (18-23 de mayo de 2018) y en el Congreso anual de la

[Redacción Médica]

Weight loss surgery can cut skin cancer risk: study

[2018-05-24] Weight loss surgery can drastically reduce the risk of deadly skin cancer, a study has found. Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer, the incidence of which has increased steadily in many countries of the world, especially high-income countries.

[Business Standard India]

29 May Omslagsbild

[2018-05-24] Today we have reached the point when software talks, listens, learns and acts! We might have ideas about what tomorrow's software business will look like. But the only thing we can be sure of is that it will be completely different from today.

[Business Region Göteborg]

Los niños con sobrepeso corren mayor riesgo de insuficiencia cardiaca cuando son adultos

[2018-05-24] Los niños que tienen sobrepeso durante la pubertad tienen más probabilidades de ser diagnosticados con insuficiencia cardiaca cuando crecen que sus

[Madrid Press]

Salongskonsten är över oss

[2018-05-24] Hokusai, Under vågen utanför Kanagawa, okänt årtal. En sak som utmärker den svenska konstsommaren är att många av utställningarna inte är utställningar.


Selon une étude: l'obésité liée à 12 cancers   @WCRF_UK

[2018-05-24] Obesity is linked to as many as 12 different forms of cancer, according to a major new report which advises giving up bacon and swapping sugary drinks for water as part of a 10-point plan for avoiding the disease.


Markets may be underpricing climate-related risk

[2018-05-24] AS A citizen, Dave Jones worries that climate change may imperil his two children, and theirs in turn.

[Worldnews EasyBranches]

Weight-loss surgery associated with reduced risk of melanoma, researchers say

[2018-05-24] In addition to rapid and lasting weight loss and a passel of other health benefits, bariatric surgery has now been linked to a 61 percent reduction in


Cover Feature: On the Action of General Anesthetics on Cellular Function: Barbiturate Alters the Exocytosis of Catecholamines in a Model Cell System (ChemPhysChem 10/2018)

[2018-05-24] Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, , Gothenburg, Sweden Corresponding Author E-mail address:andrew.ewing@chem.gu.seE-mail address:andrewe@chalmers.


Weight-loss surgery reduces the risk of deadly skin cancer by more than 60%, study finds

[2018-05-24] Researchers from the University of Gothenburg found that people who have a gastric band or bypass are 61 per cent less likely to develop melanoma, which can spread to other organs.


Weight-loss surgery reduces the risk of deadly skin cancer by more than 60%, study finds

[2018-05-24] Gastric bands or bypasses lower people's risk of developing melanoma by 61% Bariatric surgery decreases the risk of non-melanoma cancer by 42%

[Celebrity Rave]

Study finds that obesity surgery is associated with a massive fall in risk of melanoma skin cancer

[2018-05-24] New research presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, Austria (23-26 May), shows that obesity (bariatric) surgery is associated with a


Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

[2018-05-24] MoreObesity is linked to as many as 12 different forms of cancer, according to a major new report which advises giving up bacon and swapping sugary drinks for water as part of a 10-point plan for avoiding the disease.

[Yahoo! UK and Ireland]

Obese children face increased cancer risk if weight gain continues, experts warn

[2018-05-24] Obese or overweight boys who go on to pile on the pounds as teenagers may be more likely to develop bowel cancer, new research suggests.

[Irish Examiner]

At Swiss Pharma Company, Women's Health Gets Personal

[2018-05-23] Saint-Prex, Switzerland-headquartered Ferring Pharmaceuticals is increasingly focusing on personalized medicine.


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Carbon taxes, pricing sweep statehouses and foreign governments, even as U.S. resists

[2018-05-23] Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Chronicle / Houston Chronicle FILE - A pedestrian cross walk near the Shell Deer Park refinery on Thursday, March 29, 2018, in Deer Park, Texas.

[San Antonio Express-News.com]

Carbon taxes, pricing sweep statehouses and foreign governments, even as U.S. resists

[2018-05-23] WASHINGTON - California and Europe are doing it. Mexico and China are working on it.

[Houston Chronicle]

Grossesse: tout doux avec la caféine!

[2018-05-23] Les femmes enceintes devraient limiter leur consommation de caféine. Une étude, parue en 2016 dans l’American Journal of Obstetrics et Gynecology, avait montré que deux tasses par jour doublaient le risque de fausse-couche.

[Bon a Savoir]

ArkDes, Petra Gipp, and Mikael Olsson Shed New Light on Sigurd Lewerentz at 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale

[2018-05-23] In response to the explosion of international interest and research surrounding Sigurd Lewerentz (1885-1975), Sweden’s most renowned 20th Century


Speakers at todays "CompInn - Competence for innovation" event during #gbgtechweek

[2018-05-23] GU Ventures togehter with the West Swedish incubators and partners are organizing the "CompInn - Competence in innovation" event during this years #gbgtechweek. We are honored and happy to introduce the speakers for this event.


La universidad debatió su futuro frente a la velocidad de la tecnología

[2018-05-23] Mariano Rajoy (centro) fue uno de los disertantes que cerró el encuentro Crédito: Gentileza UBA Empleabilidad con conciencia ciudadana y social en el centro del debate de los rectores universitarios SALAMANCA.

[La Nacion]

Bislang unbekannter Reaktionsweg in der Mineralbildung entdeckt

[2018-05-23] - Anzeige - Einem internationalen Team aus Wissenschaftlern unter Beteiligung des Geoforschungszentrums (GFZ) ist es mithilfe neuester, hochpräziser


Over 70 prosent av alle skuespillerne ved Nationaltheatret er utdannet på KHiO: - Det er veldig frustrende

[2018-05-23] Teatersjef: Hanne Tømta er leder for Nationaltheatret. Hun mener teateret rekrutterer bredt.


$13 million for leading-edge biotech research

[2018-05-23] Source: New Zealand Government Headline: The Government and the University of Waikato are investing $13 million in a new research programme in


Effect of More vs Less Frequent Follow-up Testing on Overall and Cancer-Specific Mortality

[2018-05-22] Key Points Question   Is intensive follow-up of patients after curative surgery for colorectal cancer effective in reducing mortality?

[Journal of the American Medical Association]

Bevrijd jezelf uit de verlammende greep van allergieën

[2018-05-22] De natuur explodeert door het warme, zomerse weer. Voor veel mensen is dit één van de mooiste seizoenen, terwijl anderen de spreekwoordelijke bui al zien hangen.


FFR in PCI for Stable CAD: Lasting Benefit Shown by FAME 2, SCAAR Data

[2018-05-22] For the first time, FAME 2 investigators saw a signal of benefit for a long-hoped-for hard endpoint difference in stable CAD: myocardial infarction.


Linköping University Hospital Second Swedish Site in Largest Ever Prospective Multicenter Clinical Study for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

[2018-05-22] Designed to validate IMMrayTM PanCan-d, the first blood based test for early detection of pancreatic cancer.


Linköping University Hospital second Swedish site in largest ever prospective multicenter clinical study for early detection of pancreatic cancer

[2018-05-22] Designed to validate IMMrayTM PanCan-d, the first blood based test for early detection of pancreatic cancer.

[Cision Wire]

Building Ownership, Renovation Investments, and Energy Performance—A Study of Multi-Family Dwellings in Gothenburg

[2018-05-22] Open Access Article Sustainability 2018 , 10 (5), 1684; https://doi.org/10.


Five Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships for Developing Countries at Open University in UK, 2018

[2018-05-22] The Open University (OU) has been awarded five fully-funded Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.


Call for nominations for Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park

[2018-05-22] For the second consecutive year, is paying tribute to innovation, knowledge and competence, along with good entrepreneurship, by awarding a prize in the name of Nobel Prize winner, Arvid Carlsson.


"Rockin kuundelendua roittos kuurnehekse" - 1960-luvun korvuliägärin varaitandu oligi viäry dielo

[2018-05-22] Nygözien ruoccilazien seicciekymmenvuodehizien kuulo on parembi, migu samanigähizil viideh vuozikymmeneh. Nenga puoli vuozisadua tagaperin bauhuomah tulluh rockmuuzikku pöllätti äijälgi monen teini-igähizen vahnembat.


BMTC partners with Sweden's Parans Solar Lighting

[2018-05-22] Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company (BMTC), a leading provider of electrical, lighting and water solutions, has signed an agreement with Sweden’s Parans Solar Lighting to launch its human-centric lighting solutions to the UAE.

[Al Shams Info]

Aalborg får førerløse shuttlebusser

[2018-05-22] Aalborg Kommune og Autonomous Mobility har inngått et unikt partnerskap om autonom mobilitet. I en forsøksperiode på minst to år vil de sette inn selvkjørende shuttlebusser på en dedikert strekning øst i byen.

[Samferdsel & Infrastruktur]

Pijesz kaw? w ci??y? Twoje dziecko odczuje tego skutki - szybciej ni? my?lisz!

[2018-05-22] _ Wyniki bada? opublikowano w medycznym czasopi?mie „BMJ Open". Naukowcy prowadzili badania na próbie 50.943 ci??arnych kobiet. Po urodzeniu, monitorowali rozwój dzieci przez kolejne osiem lat.


- Samarbeid idealiseres til det absurde

[2018-05-22] - Det ropes hele tiden på mer samarbeid, også når samarbeid IKKE er mest effektivt, sier Eric Carlström, professor ved Göteborgs universitet. Han mener vi må lære oss å skille mellom ulike nivåer av samarbeid. Øresundsbroen, natten mellom den 12.

[Dagens Perspektiv]

Could 3D printing solve the organ transplant shortage?

[2018-05-22] Erik Gatenholm first saw a 3D bioprinter in early 2015. His father, Paul, a professor in chemistry and biopolymer technology at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, had bought one for his department. It cost somewhere in the region of $200,000.

[Long Room.com]

4 mýty o tom, ako vzniká korupcia a aká je skuto?nos?

[2018-05-22] Boj proti korupcii nie je jednoduchý – aj preto sa tento jav ?asto nazýva rakovina spolo?nosti. Avšak bez toho, aby bolo charakterizované, kde presne v „tele“ spolo?nosti vzniká, ju nedokážeme lie?i?.


Camelamos naquear

[2018-05-21] Me centro en España. Cuestión de fijar un objetivo. Recientemente he publicado en este medio mi visión sobre la Francia de Macron y, en cualquier caso, considero que el planteamiento político tiene que ser global.

[Indymedia Barcelona]

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