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Tobias Hein

Om Tobias Hein

Dr.rer nat. Tobias Hein Tobias Hein studied “Medical Engineering and Sports Medical Engineering” at the University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz, Germany. He wrote his diploma thesis at the University Clinic of Tuebingen, Medical Clinic, Dept. Sports Medicine about the calculation of coupled joint motions leading to overuse injuries in runners. He finished the studies with the degree of Dipl.Ing. (FH) in 2009.  Afterwards, Tobias Hein started his PhD education at the University Clinic of Tuebingen, Sports Medicine, Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Stefan Grau. He graduated in December 2013. The PhD-thesis is entitled “Determination of risk factors causing overuse injuries in runners. New aspects and critical considerations”. Currently, Tobias Hein is employed at GU as a Researcher since October 2013. He works at Kunskapscentrum för hälsa och prestationsutveckling (KHP) where he is in charge of the Biomechanics laboratory including 2D- & 3D-motion analyses, isokinetic & isometric strength measurements, EMG measurements and the application of Ground reaction and pressure distribution platforms. His research focus lies on the prevention/ rehabilitation of (overuse) injuries and performance enhancement in sports, especially track & field.