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Stergios Chatzikyriakidis


Avdelningen för lingvistik, logik och
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

Om Stergios Chatzikyriakidis

I'm a Docent in Computational Linguistics and the Associate Director and Research Coordinator of the Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP) at the University of Gothenburg. My research interests lie within Computational/Formal Semantics/Syntax. Constructive Type Theoretical Semantics and their Implementation, Natural Language Inference, Probabilistic Semantics, Dialogue Modelling and the interaction between Logic and Machine Learning/Deep Learning for NLP, are some of the topics I have been interested in throughout the years. Furthermore, I have been working on formal and formal dialectal syntax and I also have an ongoing interest in tasks such as Metaphor Detection, Language Identification and Language Similarity.